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The art in the new Metro

Art intended for the Hagastaden station, titled The shell.
Stockholm's underground is famous for the extensive investment in art, and has an international reputation as the "World's longest art gallery". To date, more than 150 artists have helped to give the Stockholm underground its unique expression.

Now that the underground is being extended, the focus is once again be on the artistic design. We continue building on Stockholm underground's tradition – art as part of the overall design of the stations. 

Each new station will have a unique expression that also helps improve security and orientation for passengers. The new stations will have design-related qualities that make the environment memorable for occasional visitors and an interesting place to be for recurring visitors. 

Selected artists:

• Anna Lerinder - Sickla
• Cilla Ramnek - Järla
• Thomas Carlsson
- Nacka

• Peter Johansson and Barbro Westling  - Sofia
• Monika Larsen Dennis - Hammarby kanal

• Jesper Nyrén - Gullmarsplan
• Helena Isoz  - Slakthusområdet

• Åsa Jungnelius - Hagastaden
• Pia Törnell - Södra Hagalund
• inges idee - Georg Zey, Axel Lieber, Hans Hemmert and Thomas Schmidt in cooperation with Andreas Piontkowitz - Arenastaden

• Helena Byström
- Barkarbystaden
• Irene Vestman
- Barkarby

The pictures
Upper picture shows artist Åsa Jungnelius' design "Snäckan" ("The Shell") for the  Hagastaden station. The smaller picture depicts artist Jesper Nyrén's "Folds" for the Gullmarsplan station.