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Barkarbystaden station inside and out

Barkarby station, entréer
The Metro to Barkarby will be completed in 2026. These pictures show what the entrances to Barkarbystaden will look like in the future.

This station on the Blue line will have two entrance ways into the emerging city centre. The eastern entrance way will be situated on the ground floor in a new building, while the western entrance way will be constructed as a pavilion in the middle of the central square. 
These images portray a future scenario that may be changed.

 The western entrance way. Image: Region Stockholm/White architects


Barkarbystaden,östra biljetthallen.

This environment may greet the future travellers entering the western entrance way. Image: Region Stockholm/White architects 


Visionsbild över Barkarbystaden, östra uppgången, biljetthall, entré

The eastern entrance way will be situated in the ground floor of a new building. Image: Region Stockholm/White architects


Barkarbystaden, plattform.

Underground yet still above the clouds. Artist Helena Byström is responsible for the artistic design. Image: Region Stockholm/White architects


Arbetsområde för Blå linje vid arbetstunnel Värmdövägen

Placement of the station’s entrance ways right in the middle of the new city centre. 

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