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See the first platform for the metro

Plattformsutrymme för tunnelbanan i Barkarby
The platform area for Barkarby station is getting ready. Follow us 30 metres underground where the passengers will be waiting for the metro in a few years.

Published 23-03-2021

– This is where you will stand and wait to embark on the metro and travel on to Kista or the T-central, or even further, says Peter Dahl, coordinating project manager for Blue Line to Barkarby.

He is standing in the middle of the platform area for Barkarby metro station. In both ends of the large, arched tunnel work is under way, in one end the rock is chipped off with a machine after a blast (bits of rock are chipped off) and in the other end the rock is sprayed with concrete for reinforcement.

Plattformsutrymme för tunnelbanan i Barkarby
Machine chipping off rocks in one end of the platform area, towards the Veddesta exit.

Two exits
Peter Dahl points towards one end and explains that it will be the metro exit near the old Veddesta centre.

– The exit will be in a future building near Veddestavägen, he says.

In the other direction the exit will be connected to several modes of transport – metro, regional train, long distance trains, commuter trains and buses.

Plattformsutrymme för tunnelbanan i Barkarby
Peter Dahl, coordinating project manager outside the construction tunnel in Veddesta, where work on the platform area is ongoing.


– For example, you will be able to take the train from Västerås and change to the metro to Kista.

Two years of work
The 250-metre-long platform area is 20 metres wide and around 15 metres high, and it located around 30 metres below ground. 

– The platform area has by now almost entirely been blasted out, so the rock work is almost ready in this part of the construction. We have been working for approximately 2 years and we can credit our talented construction crew, the designer and our organisation at Region Stockholm for getting us this far.

In addition to the waiting area for train passengers several other spaces are needed. A service area has for example been constructed with space for electrical equipment, ventilation and water drainage.

Planned metro traffic in 2026
At the furthest end after the Veddesta exit tunnels with storage tracks are being constructed for parking the metro trains for service and maintenance when needed.

The entire journey from Akalla to Barkarby will be approx. 4 kilometres long, and according to the plan it must be ready for traffic in 2026.