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Tracks cut in preparation for tunnel construction

Preparatory works are currently under way at Kungsträdgården Station, where the Blue line will in time be extended in the direction of Nacka and Söderort.

Up until now the tracks at Kungsträdgården have ended a hundred metres or so into the tunnel south of the platform. At this point the entire platform structure will be demolished before work can start on construction of the new tunnels to extend the Blue line southwards.

“We have been looking forward to this for a long time. Now we are one step closer to an extended Blue line towards Nacka and Söderort,” says Ann-Christin Zander-Holwaster, Project Manager for BEST (Track, Electrical, Signal and Telecom) works.

Ann-Christin Holwaster

Work started on the night before Monday 26 August with the erection of a new buffer on one of the tracks at the southern end of the platform. Now the rails will be cut and transported away to provide space for the machinery and vehicles that will be used during the tunnelling work.

Temporary roads will also be built a few metres into the tunnel to provide protection against the spread of dust and noise once work starts on the tunnel extension.

The preparatory works will take a couple of months and in the meantime passengers will be able to use the station in the normal way.