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Important milestone for Blue Line to Nacka, Södermalm and Söderort

Sandahl, Burghauser, Wesström, Hellgren
The railway plan for the metro running to Nacka, Södermalm and Söderort is now on its way to the Transport Administration for a final decision.

“It’s a nice feeling and an important milestone that we are now able to submit the railway plan. There is extensive work behind this plan, work that has involved everyone in the department over the past four years. I feel that we should be really proud to have come this far,” says Head of Department Martin Hellgren.

The railway plan describes what is to be built, where it is to be built and what impact the new metro will have on the environment.

The submission to the Transport Administration is the final step in a long process that started already in 2014 with a general survey of track routes and the placement of future stations. Since then, the plans have become increasingly detailed in each step.

Pictured: Project Managers Anna Sandahl (the southern suburbs), Andreas Burghauser (Södermalm), Gunilla Wesström (Nacka) and Head of Department Martin Hellgren with the binders that contain the railway plan.