Cooperation is key to a good work environment

There are lots of things going on at construction sites that can be dangerous. In order to make construction sites safe and secure, the cooperation with the contractor is key.

News    2021-04-08

The sounds of big machinery cracking loose boulders after the latest blast are both piercing and deafening. Although ear protection will moderate the sound significantly, it is still strong, and the vibrations from the work can be felt in the body.

– But the cab is almost completely sound proof, so the driver can hear very little.

Niklas Broström explains, occupational coordinator for the construction at CRTG, the contractor chosen by Region Stockholm, currently building the three work tunnels for Blue line to Nacka.

Watch the video from the occupational environment round:

Joint occupational environment round

He conducts the regular occupational round together with Linda Nethercott, occupational environment officer for the new metro. Together they evaluate the occupational environment with check lists to ensure that all is done as it should. Today they are at the construction site for the work tunnel at the Skvaltan interchange in Nacka.

–  On an optimal day it should seem as if our function is really unnecessary. When we have eliminated all risks in advance, we have done our job right, says Niklas Broström.

Niklas Broström, occupational environment coordinator for the construction at CRTG.

Different roles

Both Region Stockholm and the contractors building the new tunnels are responsible for the occupational environment, but with slightly different roles.

–  The contractor is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the occupational environment is safe for those on-site, while I am on the client side with more of a quality control role. I will be out following up and ensuring that the contractor is doing what we have discussed and agreed, says Linda Nethercott.

– The occupational environment is a very large area. In an office it may concern the lighting. The risks are different here.

Risks during tunnel construction

When building in mountains the geology plays a major role, and there is a risk that boulders might fall. It is therefore important to secure the work tunnel.

– We also have many large and heavy machines running, and many people are working here. We try to plan so not many operations take place at the same time. This planning is important to create a secure occupational environment, says Niklas Broström.

Among the longer term risks is the dust inside the tunnels that may cause damage only emerging after up to 20 years. Similarly, prolonged noise is also a health risk that stresses the body in different ways.

– So we have both long-term and short-term risks, for which we have to work with preventive measures all the time. We cannot chance it and must manage the risks and work proactively, says Linda Nethercott.

Linda Nethercott, occupational environment officer at Region Stockholm.

“The cooperation must be optimal”

Both Linda Nethercott and Niklas Broström mention the cooperation as absolutely crucial for ensuring a good occupational environment.

–  We cannot do this just in our own way, it is best when we work together. It is important that we are very accepting, that we can trust each other, be honest and can point out shortcomings. The cooperation must be at its best in order to achieve the best possible outcome, says Linda Nethercott.


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