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Expanded depot at Högdalen

Illustration of Depot
The depot in Högdalen will be enlarged to meet the need for more staging places in the future.

In February 2016, the County Council Executive Committee took the decision to develop the present depot, which will be used by both the Green Line and the Blue Line.

To accommodate trains on the Farsta Line, a new track must be laid in a tunnel below ground. The track will be 2.5 kilometres long and will take trains between the Farsta branch of the Green Line and the Högdalen depot. 

The track tunnel between the Farsta Line and the Högdalen depot will be 2.5 kilometres long. When construction is complete, the work tunnel will be made into a permanent service tunnel.

Facts about the Expanded depot at Högdalen project:

  • 2.5 kilometres of connecting tracks.

  • Staging areas and connecting tracks will primarily be below ground.

  • The staging tracks at Högdalen will be 20 metres below ground.

  • 180 000 cubic metres of solid rock will be blasted away. 

  • Planned construction start 2019

  • 1,500 metres of new staging track will be built below ground..

  • 23 new staging spaces will be built at Högdalen.

  • 2 workshop places for train maintenance on the Green and the Blue Line.