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Metro to Älvsjö

Tunnelbanetåg kör vid perrong
It has been decided that a new Metro line will be constructed, between Fridhmsplan and Älvsjö.


During spring 2017 the National Negotiation on Housing and Infrastructure came to the agreement with Region Stockholm of the construction of a new Metro line between Fridhemsplan and Älvsjö, via Liljeholmen. Its construction will result in a new important link between Stockholm's Nothern and Southern suburbs that unburdens the Red line as well as the Central Metro station. The proposed line will have six stations: Fridhemsplan, Liljeholmen, Årstaberg, Årstafältet, Östberga and Älvsjö. This means more transfer points to other public transport, such as Light Rail and Commuter trains.

Origninally funding existed to start planning of the project during the year 2022, but after an agreement between Region Stockholm and Stockholm City it was decided to start planning already in the year 2020 

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This web page will be updated as soon as the plannig starts.