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Schedule for Blue line to Barkarby

Construction /
/ Planning Process

    1. Review of the railway plan

      The finished proposals for the lines and stations are put on display for inspection together with the environmental impact analysis. The views and comments received during previous consultations and how they have been dealt with are also reported.

    1. Environmental Ruling

      Court decision. The Land and Environment Court primarily considers the drainage of groundwater. Noise, vibrations and emissions to water will also be regulated in the court’s examination.

    2. Procurement

      Contracts signed with the major contractors to enable them to build the Metro.

    3. The railway plan is approved

      The railway plan is approved by the Transport Administration.

    1. Planned construction start, work tunnels

      In order to construct the metro under ground, work tunnels are required for each station. Work tunnels are constructed prior to construction of track tunnels and stations.

    1. Planned construction start, track tunnels and stations

      As work tunnels reach the emplacement of the station, work will start on platform rooms and tunnels.

    1. Planned construction start, installations

      When the tunnels have been constructed, installations of electricity, signal systems, fire protection, ventilation, water and draining systems will be carried out.

    1. Planned traffic start

      Planned start fort traffic is 2026.