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Supplier Day 2021

Region Stockholm's Extended Metro Administration invites you to attend Supplier Day 2021. An entire day will be devoted to a presentation in central Stockholm of our exciting projects and future procurements. The annual Supplier day will take place at City Conference at Norra Bantorget in Stockholm.

During the day, we present upcoming procurements including installations of railway facilities, tracks, signals, escalators, elevators, ventilation, framework supplements of stations as well as services for logistics and coordination.

We will also present the upcoming procurements in planning and design for our most recent mission - metro to Älvsjö.

Supplier Day 2021 takes place in Stockholm on October 26th.

Registration, Supplier Day 2021

Jörgen Altin

Project Älvsjö opens to work with multiple suppliers

Jörgen Altin, main project manager for Metro to Älvsjö:

“By dividing into several assignments, we provide an opportunity for several suppliers to work in the project and make sure that we can get the best consultants for each task. We are currently working on developing a basis for the choice of corridor and principle design. This will then be a starting point for teams in the new assignments to detail. The first assignments will be announced in November. They focus primarily on designing stations, technical aspects, producing planning documents and environmental assessment.”

More about the project, the upcoming work and inquiries will be presented during our supplier day on October 26th.

We use our consultant broker WorkforceLogiq for all consulting assignments.

Tor Thomassen och en tunnel.

Time to install the metro 

"In 2022 we will begin with the procurements of installations-, constructions and BEST-contracts for the extended metro to Nacka and Söderort. The contracts include everything from elevators, escalators to glas sections and railway rails in about 15 contracts. We have one odd bird – our contract with coordination and logistics that will provide others with logistics services, areas of establishment and coordination of work environment management. An interesting concept which we believe will contribute to an efficient and a healthy work environment."

Tor Thomassen, project manager, installations and BEST.

Jörgen Altin, Älvsjö station

Fridhemplan to Älvsjö - our most recent mission

The line between Fridhemsplan and Älvsjö is our most recent mission. We are planning for six stations and eight to ten kilometers of new tunnels under Stockholm. Right now, we are working on packaging our biggest assignment. They include procurements worth hundreds of millions Swedish crowns. This fall the details will be revealed for the market.”

Jörgen Altin, project manager, metro to Älvsjö