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Careful work under Karolinska

Loretto Leguisamo Norén är samordnare för omgivningspåverkan på nya tunnelbanan. När tunnlar byggs under Karolinska universitetssjukhuset måste allt arbete utföras försiktigt.
The construction of the new metro to Arenastaden requires close cooperation with Karolinska University Hospital. The blast work will be adapted to the sensitive operation.
Published 23-03-2021

From Odenplan the new metro work is constructing tunnels to Arenastaden. This will involve work directly underneath Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institute, where many sensitive operations and instruments are located.
- We have been in contact with various units there for a long time. Our expansion is coordinated with the entire hospital and the institute. It is a comprehensive plan which enables us to minimise disruption from e.g. blasts, says Loretto Leguisamo Norén, coordinator for the environmental impact of the new metro.
Preparations started already when the hospital was built, and the hospital has also taken several measures in areas where sensitive instruments are located. For example, in the X-ray department.
- Drilling should not be a problem other than the disruptive sound, but the blasts produce vibrations. That could cause problems for eye surgery and laser treatments requiring precision. We have great respect for this and have devoted lots of time for planning.
One way is to work with fixed times for all blasts during the whole time the work is carried out under the hospital. The vibrations will also be monitored throughout and a lot of the equipment with have vibration dampening.
- Furthermore, we have installed sound and light signals in the laboratories and the halls, emitting warnings prior to a blast. Already now they are starting to feel the work from the work tunnel below Norra stationsgatan, but we have time to fine tune the cooperation, says Loretto Leguisamo Norén.