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Procurement procedure

We conduct our procurements in accordance with the Act on Procurement in the Water, Energy, Transport and Postal Services Sectors, LUF. A pre-qualification system is used in the case of procurements under LUF (for railway-related activities) that exceed the threshold values. This means that such procurements do not need to be advertised. Procurement will be made in full international competition.

Information about procurement
We advertise our overall needs in TED once a year.

To inform the market of specific procurements we continuously update our procurement schedule.

Supplier qualification
We use Achilles System AS’s qualification system TransQ to qualify suppliers. Qualification involves an assessment of suppliers’ technical ability and capacity as well as their financial and economic status. Qualified suppliers are sent the tender request documents. 

You can find more information about how to register your company at

Invitations to submit tenders
Invitations to submit tenders are sent only to those suppliers who are qualified in TransQ.

Invitations to participate in a procurement
We use the Visma Opic procurement portal through the TendSign procurement tool. In the event you are invited to participate in a procurement, you will receive an invitation via TendSign. The scope, information about how tenders are compared, and dates can all be found in the tender request documents.

To participate in a procurement you need to register an account in TendSign. Up to ten user accounts can be registered free of charge per corporate ID number.