The Green Line to Arenastaden

The metro is being expanded with a new line from Odenplan to Arenastaden.
The new stretch will connect to the Green Line at Odenplan and entail new stations at Hagastaden, Södra Hagalund and Arenastaden.

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What is being built

The Green line to Arenastaden is extended from Odenplan.

The new Hagastaden, Södra Hagalund and Arenastaden stations will be built along the stretch. From Odenplan trains will continue south on the same tracks as the Green Line. How far south is yet to be decided; possible final destinations include Gullmarsplan, Farsta and Skarpnäck. In service 2028.

The new metro line will create travel opportunities that will benefit many people. It will be possible to travel directly from Söderort to Karolinska University Hospital in Hagastaden, or to Arenastaden with its offering of offices, shops and cultural and sporting events.

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