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Blue line to Barkarby

Barkarby, linjekarta
The Blue Line will be extended from Akalla to Barkarby. 

The new section will have two stations, Barkarbystaden and Barkarby, and is part of the entire new Metro.

Construction start 2019
Construction of the new Metro from Akalla to Barkarby via Barkarbystaden started in 2019. A new Metro station will be built in the centre of the new Barkarbystaden city district, next to the western part of the old airfield.

Entire section below ground
The new section will be about 4 kilometres long and will be entirely below ground.

Facts about the Blue line to Barkarby:

  • The Metro will be extended by about 4 kilometres.

  • All track tunnels will be constructed in rock.

  • Barkarby Station will be about 30 metres below ground.

  • 600 000 cubic metres of solid rock will be blasted away. 

  • 25 000 cubic metres of concrete will be used. 

  • Construction start: 2019.

  • Planned traffic start: 2026