The yellow line is planned for unattended train operation

On Tuesday 26 September, Region Stockholm’s traffic committee decided that the metro line to Älvsjö will have unattendes train operation – for the first time in Stockholm.

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Karta över gula linjen och vyn från ett förarlöst tåg.

Unattended train operation means, for example, that no driver’s cab is needed, but the passengers can see the tunnel during the trip. The solution already exists today in many places in the world, with Copenhagen being the closest.

– Exactly which trains we will buy in is not yet clear, but what we do know is that they will be customized according to our needs. Both in terms of number and furnishings, we are planning for the expected number of passengers by 2060. An advantage of unattended train operation is that it is easier to add more trains if necessary, says Johan Brantmark, director of the metro to Älvsjö.

Giant drill

The new yellow line between Fridhemsplan and Älvsjö will be separate from the rest of the metro system. That is why it can be built in a different way.

– The constructions that are underway now are all extensions, where we add some stations to existing lines. Then we need to build for the same type of train and the same signaling system. On the Yellow Line, we can do things differently – and then we must take advantage of the technological development that has taken place, says Johan Brantmark, director of the metro to Älvsjö.

In addition to unattended train operation, the metro to Älvsjö will be built using a different technique than the rest of the metro system – it will be bored with a large boring machine.

Smaller stations

The stations will also be smaller, with platforms 75 meters long instead of today’s 145 meters. This will allow us to run shorter trains with more frequent departures as it is more logical and causal and make the total travel time and waiting time shorter.

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Right now, the planning work for the new line is underway.


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