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Loud start for the new Metro

Around 80 guests, seven speeches and one big bang. On Monday  March 4th, the historic expansion of the Metro was initiated.

Published: 2019-03-18

Construction began with a ceremonial starting blast in a rock cavern in Barkarby, which brought together all the parties who are involved in paying for the new Metro.

The rock cavern is a legacy from the time when the location was a military airfield. The first new Metro tunnels will be built from there, and soon we will see huge trucks driving around - filled with the stone that has been blasted out.

A long-awaited day
“We’re finally beginning construction! This is the day that I and all my colleagues have worked so hard for and longed for, for several years,” says Anna Nylén.

She is project manager for the Blue Line to Barkarby, which is the first part of the new Metro to be built, although today's starting blast is for the whole construction:

“We are now starting the largest expansion in Stockholm public transport since the Blue Line was built in the 70s! "It really feels like a historic day," says administration director for the new subway Mårten Frumerie.

A new Yellow Line
The metro’s Blue Line is to be extended from Akalla to Barkaby, and from Kungsträdgården to Nacka and the southern suburbs. A brand new Yellow Line will be built from Odenplan to Arenastaden and eventually a new line will also be built from Fridhemsplan to Älvsjö.


Speakers in the picture:
Kristoffer Tamsons (M), Traffic Region Council
Irene Svenonius (M), Financial Region Council
Anna König Järlmyr (M), Municipal Chairman of the City of Stockholm
Mats Gerdau (M), Municipal Chairman of Nacka Municipality
Pehr Granfalk (M), Municipal Chairman of the City of Solna
Emma Feldman (M), Municipal Chairman of Järfälla Municipality
Helena Sundberg, Stockholm Regional Manager, Swedish Transport Administration