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What is a railway plan?

To be able to begin building the Metro, there has to be an established and legally enforceable railway plan. The plan describes what is to be done, how the Metro will be built and what land claims are required.

The railway plan was developed by the Metro Expansion Administration according to a legally regulated process. All projects in the Metro Expansion Administration are in the final phase of the process. Two projects have just completed final review and the others will be reviewed shortly. 

Adoption of the railway plan
The Swedish Transport Administration then reviews the plan against applicable legislation and deems if it can be approved. The Swedish Transport Administration assesses among other things the considerations between the interests of the individuals and the public that are involved and how the plan agrees with the legislative requirement that encroachment and inconvenience must be minimised. Another important parameter is that the project is financed. The expanded Metro is being jointly financed by the state, the County Council and the four municipalities that are receiving the new Metro. 

Detailed development plan is required
Since the railway plan is closely related to the municipalities’ detailed development plans, the railway plan must be able to be implemented without conflicting with the detailed development plans. The municipalities are therefore preparing detailed development plans that follow the same timetable as the railway plan. Consultation and review take place at the same time.

How long does it take?
The Swedish Transport Administration establishes the majority of the received plans within six months. 

Here you can have a look at the indivudual timetables for the Metro extensions:
Nacka and the southern suburbs